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I am furious at the way my lost prescription order has been handled. Medco shipped nearly $800 of migraine medication to me via USPS on May 26 without any sort of tracking number, and when it doesn't show up, I'm just expected to go without?

First I'm told that I can either 1. Pay another $150 for a replacement or 2. go without for 25 days at which point they'll ship another order free of charge. Waiting is not an option, so I agree to pay ANOTHER $150. But then I get a phone call later that evening that I'm at my plan limit so the prescription can't be filled. After yet another phone call, I'm told it may be another 5-8 days and I need to call back in 48 hours to check on the progress.

While I understand that my insurance plan has limits and this is their normal process, it is not MY fault that the precription was lost in the mail and there should be a way to handle this situation accordingly. I desperately need this medication to treat my migraines, and it is incredibly frustrating to me that Medco is making me suffer because they have no exception process (and because they can't track their packages!).

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whew yah i would be frustrated too. you can never fully trust any mailing system, things get lost ALL the time.

why dont you use a retail pharmacy? does your insurance not cover for retail pharmacy?

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