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map-marker Paradise, California

Medco Pharmacy - Medications Review from Paradise, California

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Terrible service, everytime I turn around I have to wait for them to talk to the Dr. Even after he sends in the RX. Then they decide they have to talk to me for review as well. Takes weeks to get through even renewals. Think they are in business to not give you your meds, and we are not talking about habit forming drugs, just heart meds, lupus and sjogren meds, COPD meds, no pain meds. Northern California.
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Order processing issue
map-marker Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Medication NEVER arrives as PRESCRIBER... always late!!

Medco Pharmacy is without a doubt the WORST business regarding "promptness and professionalism." Since apparently this "company," assumed, through purchase or merger... I have "yet" to receive one since prescription as my medical provider prescribed it. One time you will speak with a representative in Arizona who apparently forwards the prescription to St. Louis Missouri... regardless, THEY NEVER CAN FILL A PRESCRIPTION as the PHYSICIAN PRESCRIBES it, nor when you contact "customer service representatives for your "refills." THIS BUSINESS/COMPANY runs as ineffectively as ANY so called business I have EVER seen... it is in-fact completely incompetent certainly to be in such a "serious," business as be responsible for many prescription which can VERY easily through a human being under the bus, LITERALLY, ... so sick of having to deal with carelessness as complete INCOMPETENT re-routing of my families PRESCRIPTIONS!!! THIS PLACE IS BEYOND AN OUTRAGE... I am of the opinion, this company runs at a snails pace, perhaps WORSE... seems as though this company runs about as efficiently as the government... and not nearly as efficiently as a VA hospital pharmacy!!! IT IS WITHOUT A DOUBT... the "worst" in the business!! Same threepeat story EVERY SINGLE time you order or request a refill... OUTRAGEOUS, and completely UNACCEPTABLE... from "any business, and most definitely the medication many folks NEED desperately on a daily basis EXACTLY as one's "treating PHYSICIAN prescribes it." THIS company has absolutely the WORST business practices I have EVER seen... WORST PART OF MY MEDICAL INSURANCE, period... this place is apparently complete unable to meet supply or demand... horrible and a complete FAILURE as a business PERIOD!!
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map-marker Carson, California

Prescription Price Review

Medco without letting me know increased the price of my prescription from $62.00 to $250.00 with no way of returning or crediting my account. This is outright criminal. Seems I am one of thousands of complaints of this kind of activity. My insurance insists that I use there service what do you do to these people
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Sandra Petrusaitis
map-marker Newtown, Connecticut

Undelivered pro graph to post kidney transplanted patient

Updated by user Dec 31, 2013

* misspellings thanks to iPhone autocorrect. He's been getting cellcept and prograf.

Original review Dec 31, 2013
We've been using Medco to get our sons prograf and cell pet for about 2 years. Every 3-4 months there is a problem with his prescription. He does receive 3 mos supply of meds. So in essence, every time his meds are due, we have Medco--in north Carolina --drama. They either never arrive when they say it will, or unless we call and call and call to find out when they might be shipping them out. Then we have to scramble around in the last minutes and pay an additional fee to get a temporary supply. In effect, it's costing us more to use Medco. What with the perpetual temp supply we have to make. Today is new years eve, and if we had not called and called to find out when the meds would arrive, we would not have found out that they de died to ship regular mail, after we paid for overnight shipping. They're stellar solution? To give us a $21 credit on our account. The $21, I initially paid to have them overnighted? I asked Abigail, whom is the supervisor to the supervisor. She proudly said, yes! As if she's doing me a favor. So they're solution after speaking to a customer service rep named Ashley, then her supervisor whom was Dave. Then speaking to Abigail E. ex 2608 -- as she proudly spelled out for me; whom is Daves supervisor is to credit my acct the $21 charged for overnighting the order that was shipped through regular mail. New Years eve and no meds, no resolution. My next step is to contact Jonathan Sparkman, whom is Abigail's E. ext 2608 supervisor.
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Norton Vrr
map-marker Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Horrible Experience

I absolutely despise MedCo and would recommend avoiding at all costs. I needed to get a prescription filled that MedCo was unable to store on file like any other normal pharmacy. So I had to call them and get the prescription "reactivated". I needed the prescription for a time sensitive doc tor appointment and was assured I would receive the drug on time. It's now been 2 weeks and 3 phone calls and 3 days before my doc appointment, I'm being told I will not receive my prescription on time and they do not even have a tracking number to let me know when I will receive it. Their website is not updating correctly so I have to call every time to get a status update. If I were using any other pharmacy, I would have been able to walk in and walk out with my drug. Or wait 2 days TOPS if they needed to order it. This is completely crazy and that I cannot even get an accurate status update of when I will receive my order is completely unacceptable. If you have any other option, DO NOT USE MEDCO.
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map-marker Nobleton, Florida

Still waiting on meds for 3 weeks....

All information was sent in. Needed a rush for my Humira. Everytime I spoke to someone there, they didnt seem to care or try to help. A couple of times they would say we have put your request as "High Importance". I beleive they were just saying that to get me off the phone. It's been 3 1/2 weeks now and still no meds. I needed my injection 2 weeks ago. This company is horrible!!! Even my nurse for my doctor was dumbfounded on how lackadaisical they were. My doctor had to submit my huge packet of information and signatures TWICE!!! If you have an option to use a different company, DO IT!!!
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map-marker Chicago, Illinois

Mistake upon mistake Unprofessional employees

Too many mistakes have happened in the last three years. I have been hung up on after being put on hold. I have been put on perpetual hold when I have asked for a manager. They will not allow me to speak with anyone higher up in the chain of command. Here are just a few occurrences. My prescription was lost. I complained that it had to go through an approval process so why was I sent a letter that stated that a pharmacist will have to evaluate how much I should receive of the cream. The pharmacist has no access to my clinical chart to make an educated evaluation. But the letter acknowledges my prescription, but I am told that there is no prescription. The lovely manager said "Maybe you were the one who forgot to mail the prescription" when I asked her to have someone check because I mailed two prescriptions. On another occasion I was told that my address had changed so they did not send it. They had been sending prescriptions to the same location for two years. Yet, another time I spoke to another person about an increase in medication so the previous medication was going to run out. I wanted to know what process I should take since I was aware of the many mistakes already. The representative did not understand and then proceeded to give me wrong medication. The worst mistake was that I was not sent my medication. When I called to complain, the representative said he would send it and he did not. I could not get a manager on the line to complain. Nobody at Medco knows what they are doing and they are not held accountable for their snarky remarks and inaccurate information. I am a pharmacist and I am appalled at what Medco is doing to our profession. Our profession was once rated the highest in honesty. That does not exist any longer.
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Ellen M Evv
map-marker New Rochelle, New York

Accredo Specialty Pharmacy/ Medco affiliate

Accredo refused to refill my maintenance prescription because they alone have just decided that my doctor of the last 7 years was "cosmetic, anti aging specialist"-- not the metabolic endocrinologist that she is known to be in her field and in her hospital associations. This means that I am deprived of a medication that they were supposed to send me last week and bluntly told me that I should change to another doctor! Why is allowed that a pharmacy can make a unilateral decision with no redress or grievance procedure? Why do they have the right to ruin a doctor's reputation? Any suggestions how to fight back? I have already spent several hours on phone and the doctor herself has tried to get more information to little avail. Without insurance coverage this drug will cost more than $1000 for 3 months.
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map-marker Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Every time i call they say the dr's scrip is out of date

I have to call Dr and have his office to fax a new script because medco says the current script is out of date! Happens every time I try to reorder Thanks Medco!!! Thanks for taking a perfectly simple process of me calling CVS and picking up my prescription an hour later into a month long nightmare of trying to find out where in the *** my pills are and what the latest problem is, because apparently THERE IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM!!!!!! I don't know how to appeal the decision of my health care provider... I AM SEARCHING FOR A PROVIDER THAT DOESN'T USE MEDCO
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map-marker Tallahassee, Florida

Medco is a nightmare

Thanks Medco!!! Thanks for taking a perfectly simple process of me calling CVS and picking up my prescription an hour later into a month long nightmare of trying to find out where in the *** my pills are and what the latest problem is, because apparently THERE IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM!!!!!! I don't know how to appeal the descision of my health care provider (what a joke) to go w/ these idiots - but I'll find a way. Thanks Medco!!! Thanks for taking a perfectly simple process of me calling CVS and picking up my prescription an hour later into a month long nightmare of trying to find out where in the *** my pills are and what the latest problem is, because apparently THERE IS ALWAYS A PROBLEM!!!!!! I don't know how to appeal the descision of my health care provider (what a joke) to go w/ these idiots - but I'll find a way.
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Lanette Rss
map-marker Ocala, Florida

2 months to fill order

They only supplied 15 pills of a 90 pill prescription. They said this was what the insurance approved. Even after the doctor called them and faxed them all the required information it took them another month to sort everything out and approve the 90 pill supply. After that it took another 2 weeks to actually agree to send the 90 pill supply. I still have not received it. I ran out of the medication after 15 days (in January) and it is now almost March. This medicine started working great after the initial 15 days and now all my health progress has reversed. They are incompetent and should be closed down. Unfortunately my health insurance forces me to use them. I'm sure government bribes helped facilitate this contract with this incompetent pharmacy.
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map-marker Warsaw, Indiana

Medco is absolutely awful!

We have been using Medco for a little over one year and I will tell you that this is just a terrible company. They are cheap but I am now questioning how much more time I can spend with their so called customer service reps and the idiots in their billing department. They have never gotten one thing right and this is frightening considering we are talking blood pressure medicine. If you have a chance to choose between Medco and any other company, take a chance on anyone other than Medco.They simply do not care about your health and well being.
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map-marker Trenton, Michigan

Medco Sucks

I find it funny that someone relies on a medication in order to live and when it is written for a 3 month supply with 4 refills. Witch means a year rx witch I guess they cant figure it out. They hold up your medication to veritfiy your address that they already shipped to and was paid on delivery of the rx. Costomer service is the biggest joke in the world. They think it is ok to run out of a rx that keeps you alive just to verify my address again. Good thing I dont need it to live. Right what jask---. So after transfered 3 times they send you to there pharmacy people that say we just need to make sure you didnt move. If I mived it would of been updated on line. But please take your time filling the rx so when I die for your ability to fill a rx my wife can sue your dumb *** and hopefulloy you go out of business. People stay away from Medco if can . In the process of talking to human resources to find a new carrrier. Wow would be nice if I can get them to switch and they lose over 8000 peolpe........
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Yeah I hear ya medco is a joke I tried to get a script filed for testosterone cypionate couldn't do it because my plan would only cover one month at a time all the pharmacies only carry 10 ml vials so I have to wait until the manufacturer special orders 1ml so it can make cheap medco happy what's so sad was I couldn't even get it from medco pharmacy I told CS what's the use of getting a prescription if I can't fill it you would think that a multi billion dollar company like DHL which I work for indirectly would have a better prescription plan


This is just a matter of liability. Although (*part of) what they get for is delivery of medication, they are terrified of lawsuits.

They don't want your medication to go to anyone except you, at your correct/current address. If your medication went to an incorrect address, and someone other than you consumed the medication & became terribly ill, incapacitated or died, Medco could be liable. They could be sued. They could be in big trouble.

It would cause bad press. It's probably expensive for them to call to check your address, but it's cheaper than being sued.

If there is any doubt/question about the address - they'll call. Because they don't want to have lawsuits.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-587967

your response "advice" would seem that you are defending med o's behavior. How pitiful...you get paid for that???

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Cambry Ocv
map-marker New York, New York

Unwanted phone calls

I have had 2 phone calls from this company in the last 2 days. No message left. I am on the Do Not Call List and I am ill. Do you people think that I will use a company that calls me up to ask for my business? I am going to report this company to the Do Not Call registry. Now the computer is telling me that I need to have 100 words to file this complaint. If that isn't the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. It seem that I haven't gotten to the 100 word amount yet and I am getting more annoyed by the minute.
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Remmi Psr
map-marker Prattville, Alabama


I had to change the meds I took as my sleep medicine was NOT approved by MEDCO (Express Scripts) Now I don't sleep well. My job has me home once every 3-4 months, so my Dr prescribes my meds 90 days at a time. MEDCO would only approve for 30 days unless I jumped thru hoops, bowed to the king, and said the ABC's backwards. In addition my hypertension meds are taken twice a day. Not allowed by MEDCO!!!! So, I jumped thru their hoops, bowed to the king, and said my ABC's backwards, but to no avail. Either I forgot to dot my i; the Dr never called, or MEDCO misplaced my scripts, or sent them back, or the MEDCO pharmacist has a bone in his leg, whatever their lame excuses are....MEDCO aka EXPRESS SCRIPTS....SUCK! As long as I can afford to pay for my medicine, I will NEVER use these people again! They are a consumer's worst nightmare!
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Wendy Kny
map-marker Gilbert, Arizona

Medco Pharmacy

As others have posted, these people hold up prescriptions because of "address verification" issues, even after I called and verified. I submitted the Rx to them because we were warned that it would cost us a lot more if we continued to fill it locally. The Rx didn't come after I submitted the paperwork, so I called and was told they had address verification problems and that they couldn't ship it right then because we had just had it refilled locally. So I verified the address and they promised it would be sent at the earliest possible date. We have 3 days remaining and the prescription and it hasn't shown up yet. I called and they said they hadn't been able to verify my address. What else do they need to verify? I'm switching back to a local pharmacy even though it will cost us more.
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