I have the same issues many on here are complaining about...My Insurance Company actually has been pushing us members to go with Medco for the past few years...Well I finally decided to try it. First off I have to say that the Customer Service Reps are very kind and I fully believe that they are sincere about wanting to help us. However, they have no control over the BS that those above them pull. I have been waiting for my script that I must take twice a day every day for life. Well the online ship date keeps changing. I call they say they are sorry it is their mistake and they will call the pharmacy and have it rushed and overnight-ed....Well it never happens and I check next day and the eta on ship date gets pushed further away by 1 - 3 days!!! This happens 2 more times and I demand to talk to a supervisor...Same thing only they say that they will pay for 1 week of my meds at a local pharmacy and they will have my mail order script filled within 24-48 hours and overnight-ed to me.

Well my DR. stated "BRAND" on my script and when I get to the pharmacy YES Medco did authorize 1 week supply (thank you!) However, I get home and it is Generic and from a Pharmaceutical Company (Starts with COR_Pharma) that makes this medication in a generic that has very nasty side effects for some of us and does not work for the symptoms...So many people have complained of this generic online in blogs and forums...Well I call Medco again after two more days go by and the ship date shows additional 3 days ETA for shipping!! WTF!!! I call and am told that it is in process and not to worry, it is to be filled that day and shipped overnight. Well here we are again 3 days later and ship date is 4 more days out. i call to find out where my script is!! I am no longer nice and understanding... And I apologize to the CR beforehand but ask her to first read the notes on my account... She did and now Medco put additions in those notes that she read to me... they say that the manufacturer has it on back order for an ETA of 3 weeks out from today...I asked her "was anyone going to inform me of this issue"...she states that according to the notes that someone tried to call but no answer...I am on disability and have not left the house for 4 days. My wife and I were both home today...Both the home phone and cell phones have caller ID as well as call logging on the phones and online...THERE ARE NO, NADDA, ZILTCH, NOT ONE CALL from anyone but my wife, my dad, and my lawyer logged on any of the call logs for the past 3 days!

Therefore I know for fact that these complaints here online are valid....I now have no medication after tomorrow and having major issues getting it filled locally as it is a schedule II drug and Medco has my 90 Day script and I had the 7 Day Generic Placebo script filled last week. Thanks to all of the F'ing drug abusers out there, those of us that actually have to take these Sched II drugs have to suffer by having to call our Dr. office every 20 days (Requires 24-48 hours to get a script, I must drive 20 miles each way to our Dr. office and Back every month, drop off the script, go back hours later to pick it up because the laws discriminate against the local pharmacies by not allowing scrips to be filled over 30 day supplies on Schedule II drugs...Only the Insurance/Stock/Monopoly Owned Online Pharmacies can fill 60 - 90 day scripts on them,,,,Well They are "Allowed" to fill them...However it appears that they "cannot" fill them on-time. One former Medco Pharmacist states they require each pharmacist to fill a minimum of 50 scripts per hour with No errors and sign the requirement memo to keep their jobs...This is dangerous...not the pharmacists fault either...It is the corporate suits do not allow people to actually do there f'n jobs in the manor that they should be run!! It is everywhere...You need to blame LOBYISTS on Both Sides of the isle. Look at the names on the largest buildings in the major cities....They own the government and cause these issues...GREED!!!

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